The denomination is possible in forint and euro (in the case of banknotes the amount is unlimited, at coins it has to be more than 150.000 HUF).

M-F: 9.00-16.00 at József körút
Banknotes: 0,8%, coins 2% handling fee
Please divide the different banknotes and coins.

EUR denomination is also possible at József körút with a handling fee of 0,8%

Gold investment sales are available here:

Monday- Wednesday: 9.00- 18.00

Tuesday, Thursday, Friday: 9.00-17:30

The rates that have been given here are informative, not always aligned with the ones written in our offices. 

Dear Customers,
Above 10.000.000 HUF exchange, please bring your document which verifies your money resource and your Takarékbank license. For quicker administration, please call +36 70 667 8632. Thank you!